Breach News

The date for breaching the site to the tides – allowing full tidal action- has been delayed several times for reasons related to contracting and weather (water is currently brought in through several culverts).  However, the Corps of Engineers now has an estimated timeframe for breaching the site of late April to Early May (and yes that is this year!).


As mentioned in previous posts, breaching the site involves more than just cutting a notch in the outboard levee, it also requires that the entire outboard levee be scraped down and rocky road base material removed and backfilled with sandy dredged sediment from the North Antenna Field.  That means that we can expect to see a few more weeks of heavy equipment working way out by the bay this spring.

Unfortunately, because of the remote location the work will not be open to the public and there will be no public event.  However, we plan to collect high quality video of the event to share with the media and our Project supporters via this website and other outlets.

This will be the last bit of construction for the Airfield restoration.   Then all will be quite……

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Marin IJ Article

The Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project is once again in the news!  Read the full article here:


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The Trail Is Open!

After years of anticipation (and a few months of construction), the Hamilton Bay Trail is done!  Well, almost!  What remains is to finish the work on the overlook areas, along the City’s Levee (at the Hangers) and some signs and benches. Marathon Construction Company, working for the Army Corps of Engineers, completed the trail paving and fencing just last week and so the trail is now open to pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians (a true “multi-use” trail).  The Conservation Corps North Bay ( )  will be completing some of the trail features.

Of course no motorized vehicles are allowed.  And please keep in mind that the trail is for the public and the rest of the site is not:  wildlife habitat starts at the edge of the trail and is not open to people or their pets.  (For More details go to the Public Access Tab, above.)

trail in constDec 2013

We hope that the remaining pieces of the trail will be finished by the Mid April.  And it just so happens that the San Francisco Bay Trail Project ( is turning 25  this year.  The wetland project will be celebrating this by having a trail completion party in conjunction with the Bay Trail program, most likely in early June.  We will alert the Hamilton residents and supporters  as we get closer and have a date set.

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Nursery Back in Business!

Announcing the re-opening of the nursery at the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project!  Efforts to grow local native plants for the site are ramping back up, with an emphasis on species that will be planted into the North Seasonal Wetlands over the next year.  Additional goals such as maintaining and monitoring the site’s native plants, removing invasive plants and enhancing the bird habitat, among other facets, will continue.  Christina McWhorter, the nursery manager and site’s native plant specialist, is eager to reconnect with the local community of volunteers to create the vibrant atmosphere and tangible progress that has marked the nursery experience thus far.  In the weeks to come, volunteers will be heading out to the site to help plant in the Wildlife Corridor and to start growing plants for the year to come.

If you are interested in getting involved with restoration efforts at Hamilton, including volunteering at the nursery, please contact Christina at:  All new volunteers are provided an orientation before they begin, which includes: a brief introduction to the project, discussion of site safety, scheduling, and the interests of each volunteer…all in an effort to ensure a positive and enriching volunteer experience.


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Trail Construction

After many years of waiting, the Hamilton community and site visitors will soon have a trail to travel upon!   The 2.67 mile Bay Trail is expected to be completed by the end of November.  Of course weather or the federalBay Trail Route government shutdown could delay the project, but the Corps’ contractor, Marathon Construction, has already started work on the trail and is scheduling subcontractors for various elements of the project.  We expect to have a trail dedication when the trail is complete and will be sending out a formal invitation to the public when we have a firm date.

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