Nursery Back in Business!

Announcing the re-opening of the nursery at the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project!  Efforts to grow local native plants for the site are ramping back up, with an emphasis on species that will be planted into the North Seasonal Wetlands over the next year.  Additional goals such as maintaining and monitoring the site’s native plants, removing invasive plants and enhancing the bird habitat, among other facets, will continue.  Christina McWhorter, the nursery manager and site’s native plant specialist, is eager to reconnect with the local community of volunteers to create the vibrant atmosphere and tangible progress that has marked the nursery experience thus far.  In the weeks to come, volunteers will be heading out to the site to help plant in the Wildlife Corridor and to start growing plants for the year to come.

If you are interested in getting involved with restoration efforts at Hamilton, including volunteering at the nursery, please contact Christina at:  All new volunteers are provided an orientation before they begin, which includes: a brief introduction to the project, discussion of site safety, scheduling, and the interests of each volunteer…all in an effort to ensure a positive and enriching volunteer experience.