Site Breached – Construction Completed!

On April 25, a big milestone took place for the folks who have patiently watched this project for all these years (8 years since the start of construction, but who’s counting!) the


site was breached on April 25th.  It started out a rainy day (with it raining hard the night before) but by the time the excavator was poised to open the dike, the rains had stopped and wind went to zero.  The event was well covered by local media and we have links to the stories and a very nice video of the breach – go to the Media Tab to see all the attention.

We were sorry that this was not an event open the public but due to the location and safety concerns, it turned into a modest VIP affair.   Given that all guests had to watch from behind the tractor, the best view is in the video  (which was shot with a remote controlled, battery operated quadcopter).   While this was the first water to flow freely onto the site, the tractors were actually still busy a week later simply because the breach is so wide (over 100 feet) and deep (12 feet). The excavated soil was carted over to the south east corner of the Bel Marin Keys V site were it is being stored for use in future use in the next phase of wetland restoration.