Hard Work Continues

The work at Hamilton Wetlands is far from over, though the Big Yellow Machines will rove no more.  Most obvious are the planting crews who are planting native vegetation.  The plants are grown in the project’s greenhouse, located just offsite north of Reservoir Hill and the Newport Neighborhood and volunteers, including kids from local elementary schools, are helping to plant them around the site.  The vegetation work is managed by Christina McWorter who handles both the greenhouse and the field work.  Assisting Christina has been Emily Allen and several interns from Point Blue’s STRAW Program (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed), which brought in hundreds of elementary and highschool students to help with the work.   The work follows a detailed script and an

Hamilton group

“adaptive management” approach, in which monitoring results feed back into decisions about future plantings.   If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and becoming a volunteer, contact Christina at: 1plantminded1@gmail.com

Vegetation plantings are marked with colored flags in order to monitor progress. Most plants will be watered and tended for three years from planting.  In addition to habitat plantings, this fall the nursery will be installing a row of shrubs along the northern portion of the Bay Trail to act as a barrier and visual screen.