Volunteer Opportunity at Hamilton Wetlands

The State Coastal Conservancy is looking for volunteer monitors to collect data on trail use at Hamilton Wetlands. The data will be used to assess the need for trail management that increases protection of habitat and wildlife.

Monitors will be stationed at 1 of 3 overlooks at the wetland site and will record observations of trail users on datasheets, noting types of trail uses (e.g., walking, running, bicycling), adherence with trail rules, and any incidental observations of wildlife disturbance.

Monitoring will occur for a few hours on 1 or 2 days each month, including some weekend days, from October 2016 through October 2017. Monitors should have good quality binoculars, familiarity with local wildlife, and be able to commit to at least one day of monitoring.

If interested, please contact Laura Cholodenko (laura.cholodenko@scc.ca.gov; 510-286-0752). A schedule will be developed based on volunteer availability.

Thank you for your interest!