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  • Artworking with Our Wetlands Update
    We have had another successful year of science, stewardship and artwork, fueled by funding support from PGE and the Jeanine Pontacq Trust, with additional support from School Fuel. The 5th grade students from Olive School along with Ane Carla Rovetta the AWOW program artist, and Sara Bolduc of the Hamilton Maker’s Space, created this year’s […]
  • Artworking with Our Wetlands Update
    Great news! As part of the Artworking with Our Wetlands program we’ve installed eight species plaques on the Bay Trail. This past year 5th grade students from Olive Elementary School studied different species that live in the Hamilton Wetlands then wrote and recorded poems as well as illustrated the species found. We turned those pieces […]

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  • September 2012: (Help Us Clean Up the Bay Shore • Update on Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project Construction)
  • May 2012: (Annual Public Meeting • Area Students Help Out at Hamilton)

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