Artworking with Our Wetlands Update

We have had another successful year of science, stewardship and artwork, fueled by funding support from PGE and the Jeanine Pontacq Trust, with additional support from School Fuel. The 5th grade students from Olive School along with Ane Carla Rovetta the AWOW program artist, and Sara Bolduc of the Hamilton Maker’s Space, created this year’s artwork: a 4′ x 8′ mural, featuring a fresco depicting the various habitats and creatures that live in and around the Hamilton Wetlands, surrounded by stenciled tiles, depicting each of the creatures in the fresco.

As part of this integrated art/science fusion program, the students also visited the Hamilton Wetlands nursery for a propagation activity in Oct 2016 and a field activity planting native plants in Jan 2017.

The students also made a trip to the Hamilton Maker’s Space to create artwork for their second mural, which is still in development. Ane Carla Rovetta provided the students with hands-on instruction in their classroom on how to make natural pigments and how to stencil the mural tiles. Sara Buldoc at Hamilton Maker’s Space created the stencils for the mural with the Maker’s Space 3D printer and visited the students in their classroom during their artwork phase.