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  • Artworking with Our Wetlands Update
    We have had another successful year of science, stewardship and artwork, fueled by funding support from PGE and the Jeanine Pontacq Trust, with additional support from School Fuel. The 5th grade students from Olive School along with Ane Carla Rovetta the AWOW program artist, and Sara Bolduc of the Hamilton Maker’s Space, created this year’s […]
  • Artworking with Our Wetlands Update
    Great news! As part of the Artworking with Our Wetlands program we’ve installed eight species plaques on the Bay Trail. This past year 5th grade students from Olive Elementary School studied different species that live in the Hamilton Wetlands then wrote and recorded poems as well as illustrated the species found. We turned those pieces […]
  • Volunteer Opportunity at Hamilton Wetlands
    The State Coastal Conservancy is looking for volunteer monitors to collect data on trail use at Hamilton Wetlands. The data will be used to assess the need for trail management that increases protection of habitat and wildlife. Monitors will be stationed at 1 of 3 overlooks at the wetland site and will record observations of […]
  • AmeriCorps NCCC Helps Turn Airfield into Wetlands
    Team Blue 7 of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) has completed the first of seven weeks helping to restore the Hamilton Wetlands in Novato, CA. Blue 7, a team of thirteen members, works Monday through Friday from 7am until 3:30pm. So far the team has planted over 1,000 plants including Typha, Juncus, and […]
  • ArtWorking with Our Wetlands
    A community project supporting stewardship of the Hamilton Wetlands, Novato California. Olive Elementary School fifth graders worked on an Art/Science Fusion project that was highlighted at the Community Day on April 26, 2015, at the Hamilton Wetlands Nursery. Several students helped create “The History of the Hamilton Wetlands” video below that was showcased at the […]
  • Wild About Wildflowers
    CA NATIVE PLANT WEEK ACTIVITIES (April 11 – 19) ‘WILD ABOUT WILDFLOWERS’ Wednesday, April 15 – Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project Meet at Hamilton Native Plant Nursery, 737 Aberdeen Road, Novato 10:00 – 12:00 – Tour of the nursery and the restoration site. Limit 30 people. 10:00 – 10:45 – Intro to project, nursery, and native garden […]
  • North Area Planting Completed!
    AmeriCorps   Over the past 6 weeks an AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) team has been at the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project.  They have been busy planting native plants to help restore the wetlands that once existed on the former Hamilton Airfield site. The team consists of twelve 18 to 24 year old individuals, from across […]
  • Ribbon Cut!
    Thursday afternoon’s ribbon cutting event was a big success with a great turnout from the Hamilton community and local dignitaries. The Marin IJ ran a story about the trail and we now have the “Point” smartphone tours available for trail users. This new phone app. is the first of its kind and we are excited to […]
  • Hard Work Continues
    The work at Hamilton Wetlands is far from over, though the Big Yellow Machines will rove no more.  Most obvious are the planting crews who are planting native vegetation.  The plants are grown in the project’s greenhouse, located just offsite north of Reservoir Hill and the Newport Neighborhood and volunteers, including kids from local elementary […]
  • Monitoring the Marsh
    As a major restoration effort, the project will be monitored for a variety of  parameters to help assess the success of the project.  The US Army Corps of Engineers is currently negotiating a contract to have standard parameters measured, for example cross sections of the channels and the amount of vegetation growing in the tidal areas. […]
  • Site Breached – Construction Completed!
    On April 25, a big milestone took place for the folks who have patiently watched this project for all these years (8 years since the start of construction, but who’s counting!) the site was breached on April 25th.  It started out a rainy day (with it raining hard the night before) but by the time […]
  • Nursery Back in Business!
    Announcing the re-opening of the nursery at the Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project!  Efforts to grow local native plants for the site are ramping back up, with an emphasis on species that will be planted into the North Seasonal Wetlands over the next year.  Additional goals such as maintaining and monitoring the site’s native plants, removing […]