Visit Hamilton Wetlands

Directions to the Hamilton Wetland Restoration Project Site in Novato, CA, southeast of the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 37:
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From San Francisco (Northbound Highway 101): Take Nave Drive exit (after Lucas Valley Road). Stay on Nave Drive and turn right onto Main Gate Road.

From Santa Rosa (Southbound Highway 101): Take Bel Marin Keys Boulevard exit. Turn right (east), cross over Highway 101, and turn right onto Nave Drive. Continue south on Nave Drive and turn left onto Hamilton Parkway.

View From Reservoir Hill

View From Reservoir Hill

There are Three Main Trailheads, shown below:

  1. Reservoir Hill: From Main Gate Road (eastbound): Stay left onto Palm Drive, then take a left onto Hamilton Parkway. Trailhead is on the right. From Hamilton Parkway (eastbound): The trailhead is near the bottom of the hill, on the left. There is limited parking at the trailhead but more parking across the street at the junction of Palm Drive. This location has great views.
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  2. Hangar Parking Lot (Bay Trail): From Main Gate Road (eastbound): Turn right onto S. Palm Drive, turn right onto Hangar Ave, then turn left into parking lot. From Hamilton Parkway (eastbound): Turn left onto S. Palm Drive, turn right onto Hangar Ave, then turn left into parking lot. There is a ramp that goes over the City’s levee and connects to the trail. The ramp is just opposite the old Control Tower. This location has quick access to the trail and is near food services.
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  3. End of Hangar Avenue (Bay Trail): From Main Gate Road (eastbound): Turn left onto S. Palm Drive, turn right onto Hanger Avenue. From Hamilton Parkway (eastbound): Turn left onto S. Palm Drive, turn right onto Hanger Ave. There is a service road at the end of Hanger Avenue that connects directly to the trail. Parking is at the park near the end of the road. This location has excellent parking and access to the southern seasonal wetlands.
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Note: There are no public restrooms onsite and all trash must be packed out. The area is a wildlife area so please enjoy quietly and stick to the trail.

The Bay Trail (shown in dashed red line below) follows the western boundary of the project site and includes overlooks and informational signs. At the northern end of the Hamilton Bay Trail, there is an unimproved path that runs along the levee between Pacheco Pond and the Bel Marin Keys Unit V property. At the southern end of the Hamilton Bay Trail there is currently no formal path to the south between the new Hamilton Bay Trail and the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (see map below).
Ham Site Map.10-23-12. higherresBecause much of the site is a newly constructed wetland habitat, there are likely to be many different types of wildlife that are not compatible with roaming dogs. Therefore we ask that all visitors either leave their dogs at home or have their dogs on a leash or under voice control (dogs that respond “most of the time” doesn’t cut it).

Trail Rules:

  • Trail open 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset.
  • Stay on trail.
  • Dogs must be on leash or under voice control.
  • No more than three dogs allowed per person.
  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Cyclists shall yield to pedestrians.
  • No motorized vehicles allowed (except motorized wheelchairs).
  • No hunting allowed.

Audio Tours

On Your Smartphone:
Enjoy a grand tour of this land’s natural history while strolling along one of San Francisco Bay Trail’s newest sections. Explore, learn and appreciate what’s around you with interpretive content on your smartphone. The audio tours can be found on the Vizzit website here.  Or by downloading the Vizzit app onto your smartphone.